Saturday, October 23, 2010

POLLUTION---Where's the solution

We see news daily in the newspaper like...
40 admitted in hospital due to jaundice
3 die due to lungs cancer
fishes die in mexico see due oil leakage in ship
90% readers ignore this news or not ponder on this sitution

All these problems aries due to pollution...or we the logic behind pollution.
it makes our ecology dirty or infectious. it harms our atmosphere/ecology in many ways.....

(1) Black smokes emitting from industrial chimney contains large percentage of carban-dioxide ,carban mono oxide ,nitrogen dioxide ,sulphur dioxide etc।It causes air pollution , it mixes with air,we inhale or breath in this infected air ,our lungs get infected.

(2) excessive use of pesticide /fertiliser makes our surface ,subsurface and underground water polluted । It pollutes the potable and affects....our whole digestive system...and affects aqua animals.

(3)medical wastes also causes air and water pollution both.......(not complete

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